Multipower design manufacture and supply Batteries, chargers, adapters and associated equipment for Military Portable power applications, They include, Thermal Imager, Chemical Agent Monitor, Javelin, Clansman Radio, Small Light Weight GPS, PLGR96, Radio Communications, MBITR, JEM, Personal Locator Beacon, Special Forces, Night Vision Goggles, Memory Back up, hand held radio, Night Vision Goggles, HARRIS FALCON II, SINCGARS, cheethNet, TW-220, WildCat11, TW-130, cub, TW-400, Trellisware radio. Thales radio, Rockwell Collins, Racal, Storno, JAGUAR, Panther, Cougar, Cougar net, THOMSON, SYNCAL 2000, Persistent Systems,Wave Relay

Multipower Batteries cover a broad range of chemistry, Alkaline Manganese Batteries, Zinc Chloride Batteries, Lithium Batteries, Lithium Sulphur Dioxide Batteries, Lithium Manganese Dioxide Batteries, Lead Acid Batteries, Nickel Cadmium Batteries, Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries – Lithium Ion Batteries, LiSO2, Lithium Thionyl Chloride, LiSOCl2, and LiMnO2

Multipower Military Batteries cover a wide range of applications , some of the products are listed
PRC-25, PRC-68, PRC-77, MAN-PACK, PRC-80, PRC-104, PRC-112, KY-913, PRC-112, PRC-113, PRC-119,
BA-1245, BA-1371/U, BA-1372/U, BA-1574/U, BA-1588/U, BA-3030/U, BA-3042/U, BA-3058/U,
BA-3186/U, BA-3200, BA-3386/U, BA-3386/PRC-25, BA-3590/U, BA-3600/U, BA-3660/U, BA-3614/U,
BA-3791/U, BA-4386/U, BA-4386/PRC-25, BA-4600, BA-4660/U, BA-5501/U, BA-5093, BA-5112/U,
BA-5112A/U, BA-5290/U, BA-5312/U, 1794AS0953-/U, BA-5347/U, BA-5367/U, BA-5368/U,BA-5372/U,BA-5374/U, BA-5390/U, BA-5557/U, BA-5567/U, BA-5588/U, BA-5590/U, BA-5598/U
BA-5599/U, BA-5600/U, BA-5800/U, BA-5847/U, BA-5347/U, BA-5372/U, BA-5368/U, BA-5367/U, BA-5312/U, BA-5290/U, BA-5390/U, BA-5374/U, BA-521/U, 1794AS0953A/U, AN/PRC-25, AN/PRC-68, AN/PRC-77, AN/PRC-74, AN/PRC-80, AN/PRC-90, AN/PRC-103, AN/PRC-104, AN/PRC-106, , AN/PRC-112, AN/PRC-112G, AN/PRC-113, AN/PRC-119, SINCGARS, AN/PRC-125, AN/PRC-126, AN/PRC-132, AN/PRC-139, AN/PRC-521, AN/PRC-730,PRC-126, PRC-128, PRC-138, PRC-139, PRC-344, PRC-351, PRC-352, PRC-521, BU8010, BU807
BB-2847A/U, MIL/RF5800, BB-2590/U, BB-2590/U SMBus, BB-2812/U, AN/PRC-148, 1600515-X,
BB-5522/U, BB-2791/A. , AN/PRC-148, 6140-01-487-1153,
PRC-601, PRC-614, PRC-624, PRC-660, PRC-730, PRC-1077, PRC-1099, PRC-3517, PRC-4620,
PRM-34, PRS-7, TS-54, PRM-4014/A, PRM-4021, PRM-4031, PRM-4051, PRM-4090, PRM-4515, PRM-4700/A, PRM-4705/A, PRM-4735, , T-9200,
BB-390/AU, BB-390A/U, BB-390B/U, BB-388/AU, BB-388/U, , BB-380/U, BB-490/U, BB-503A/U, BB-507/U, BB-516/U, BB-521/U, BB-557/U, BB-586/U, BB-588/U, BB-590/U, BB-690/U, BB-2590/U, UBI-2590, BB-2600/U, BB-2800/U, BB-2812/U, BB-2847/U, BB-4600, , MA-4025/A, MA-4025/D, AN/PRC-1077, AN/PRM-34, AN/PSC-2, AN/PMC-34, AN/PRS-7, AN/PSN-10, , AN/PAS-18, RT351, RT352, VRC-353, VRC-321, MAI-150483, MMI90-301, AN/URT-33B-1, URT-33B1, URT-33A, URT-33C, 7747390-10, , RF-5800M-HH,RF5800V-HH, AN/PRC-117A, PRC-117A, , MA-4516, MA-4516/A, MA4516/W, MA-4705/A, MA-4705/B, MA-4736/A, ALI-124, SL-LI124, ALI-116,T-9200, TNC-77, TNC-386, TNC-624, BP-624, TNC-66O, TNC-601, TNC-2188, TNC-7725, BB-F300A BA-30, BA-42, BA-53, BA-58, BA-200/U, BA-386/U, BA-414/U, BA-521/U, BA-386/PRC-25, BA-1100/U PS-28, PS-40A, PS-41, PS-42A, PS-52A, PS-53A, BB-287/U

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