BB390-U top web-1

Power Unit with 4 x BB2590 Batteries.

NATO: Pending.

Multipower Part Number

MP5502 -1

Battery Type

4 x BB2590, BB390.

DC Input

10-30 Volts DC.

AC Input

90 to 265 Volts AC ( Option.)

Charge Time

Fast charge Batteries in 3-5 hours


16 Kgs with No batteries 25Kgs with Batteries-


63cm x 51 cm x 40cm

Temperature Range

Charging +5 C to 50C

Temperature Range Discharge.

-20c to +70C

Power Out. Voltage

12 or 24 Volts

Power Out AH Rechargeable

60AH at 12 Volts or 30AH at 24 Volts with BB2590.

Power Out Current .

12 Amps continuous at 12 Volts 6.00Amps at 24 Volts.