Nato Slave plug with lead BB590

Nato Slave plug to lead to BB590, …. .12 Volt output

  • Multipower Part No, MP5341-1M .
  • Lightweight Minio NATO SLAVE Plug
  • 12 Volt DC output at 2.5Amps
  • 1 M Lead Screened
  • BB590,BB390, BB2590 Connector US Army DWG#SC-C-179495
  • UK Design and built NON ITAR


DC Input

24 Volts from Nato Slave socket.

DC output

12 Volts at 2.5Amps

Lead Length

1 M screened cable 18AWG


150 gms

Temperature Range

-20c to + 70c


IP67 waterproof and dust proof