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Power and Charger Caps for BB2590

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BB2590 Charger for Smart and Standatd BB2590 Batteries. With built in Battey Capacity disply. UPS – Power Output. The unit can be pre set to any voltage out from 5 volts to 30 Volts. DC at 3.5amps So when DC input is connectoed ther unit gives out the preset voltage. If the DC is interupted […]


MBITR Battery to Cigar and USB output

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The adapter connects to an PRC148 , MBITR , MP5355 Lithium Ion Battery.

The outoput is a Cigar lighter sockeyt at 12 V x 2.5Amps. and a 2 way USB Chargers
Input 12 Volts from PCR148, MBITR , MP5355 Battery,
Output Cigar Lighter socket 121 Volts at 2.5Amps.
Output 2 x USB Charger ports, 5 Volts at 2.5Amps.
Protection IP67 when top covers on.
Colour Black. Continue reading

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